Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sewing and much much more!

I love to take classes, I love to learn new things, I love being in class, I love homework, I love reading!
I know well into my senior years I will continue to take classes and learn new stuff. Which brings me to my latest adventure...sewing again!
I started sewing at a quilt store in costa mesa, called piecemakers, I took classes and made many quilts that I gave away or sold, I loved every minute of  it. I got my sister involved..and then she found scrapbooking with Creative Memories, from there we went to workshops and I became a consultant, I had workshops in my home in Anaheim...from there we found stamping and card making, we had wonderful workshops with Pat and Janet....

I moved to Vegas but never turned loose of the scrapbooking, I wanted to sew but there was nothing here for me...I liked to travel and scrapbook too much..then I found Jewelry classes with Colleen, and a whole new world opened up...I have an etsy store, I make money at this jewelry thing, I can make gifts from jewelry within minutes...I love it.

But then my friend and fellow Quilter, Tanya decided to take up teaching sewing here I am full saturday I am taking a sewing class to make a tote bag with Tanya, I am excited to sew again, I really missed tonight I sat down to make a pin cushion from they have a club you sign up for and each month they send you a pattern to make is perfect for me back in the sewing mode...Oh, they send little iron on labels for each project, one will have your name on it!! Here is my little (but large) pin cushion! P. S. it is filled with Lentils, cause I could not find crushed walnuts!!


Tanya said...

CHICA - that SOOOOOOOOOOO rocks!!!! A+, all the way!!!

Colleen said...

That is very cute but looks awfully big for a pin cusion!