Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Break!

Charlie surprised me with tickets to see Santana last night! Wow! I had told him that Santana was in his last leg of shows here in Las Vegas and perhaps forever, he may be retiring for good. And that I had never seen him live, So when I got home from getting my hair done, just a cut and a little color. Charlie took me out to dinner (claim jumper) and then over to The Hard Rock to see the show.
The music was wonderful, but if you expect to hear Carlos sing, forget the high price of the tickets, he only plays his guitar and he has 2 other guys singing for him. But, with that said you really want to hear him play his guitar anyway! It's Beautiful!
The sound and the lights and the music were amazing, but the kids on American Idol could have sung better then the two bums he had singing for him. Oh and try dressing up for the concert, you guys! With Carlos's line of clothing those two singers could have looked real stunning, but just old t-shirts and jeans, it was like they were in rehearsal, not doing the show! That was a disappointment!
But all in all, I saw a legend and I can put that in my scrapbook forever!
In other news:
I have not heard from the counter guys, but I was told 5-7 days so I am waiting patiently, you can bet on Tuesday I will be on the phone!! I am painting the dining room this weekend so stay tuned for more kitchen photos!


Mary said...

Wow! I LOVE Carlos! I've never seen him either! So glad you got the chance! I wonder if he'll be here at all!

Colleen said...

I am so glad you liked him 'cause I never have - boring but that's me!

Can't wait to see the "NEW" kitchen!