Tuesday, July 21, 2015

That time of year...

Had to turn in my little corolla because my lease was up, she was a good little car. But it was time to pick out something new, I needed my sirius xm radio and navigation, because I love music and I am always getting lost. We chose the Rav4, xle. Comes with a sun/moon roof and the entune radio system that gives me lots of music options and the navigation system if I need it.

And it came out to be 30.00 less a month, only 165.00! Awesome, I love saving money at every corner. Leasing is the way to go for me, little or no down, low payments, then you can still buy the car at the end of 3 years with what is left that you owe, or you pick out a whole new car to drive for the next 3 years and they do all the maintenance! Win, win!!

Friday night found us at the Linq for dinner and drinks and ice cream, we ate at the Yardhouse, then walked around for awhile and people watched, I love to stop and listen to the people playing their guitars and singing for tips, I had one guy sing You can't always get what you want by the Stones, it was so fun, people started stopping and dancing and they really enjoyed the music, so fun!

Hope everyone has a fun week filled with all things Happy!

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Colleen Mcgraw said...

I don't know Jackie ....if you listen to the GPS Nav. It might direct you to drive right on train tracks and then what?
Love the car, can't wait to ride in it.