Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well, it is about time!

Ok, I have been cleaning and organizing my craft room, it's an obsession, I know, I have a problem, let's not discuss it...I have two folders I keep on the wall for organizing my paperwork, on is all the trips I take the other is for misc. stuff, reciepts, important papers, address sheets, stamps for birthday cards and my mailing labels...well, last night I decided to scrapbook up the here is a little of my scrapbook work, I love scrapbooking but it is odd that I never really share it on my blog..??? So I have decided to start sharing some of my scrapbooking with you...I will try to post more, maybe a favorite layout a week that I have made?? We will see, but for now, here are my folders, I just love them!


Tanya said...

I double hate you, Susie Homemaker! These are WAY come I've never seen them, oh Creative One?

Colleen said...

Very, Very nice, my Happy Chica!!!!!

Mary said...

It is weird that you don't share your scrapbooking on the blog. I didn't really notice - but then, I've seen a LOT of your scrapbook work! As usual. these are fabulous!