Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Whew, I have been slacking off on posting my class projects...I did the silver art clay watch band..I still need to add beads to it to finish the band but the art clay part is what we made in class, everyone did a spectacular job on them!! I love mine and can't wait to find the right beads for it!! The small beaded bracelets are peyote stitch in the round shape, too cool! Love that I made red white and blue! The wire cuff was today's class, Colleen's sister Denise taught it, wire is not for the weak, it was tough class but worth it as my cuff is one of a kind and fits only my wrist!! Nice stuff!! I am excited about Septembers classes, some great stuff coming up, but I still have 2 more classes next week and open bead day to finish up some projects, so stay tuned...other then that it is work work work and jump in the pool when we get home!

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Mandy said...

Your watch turn out sooooo good! I love it, love the hearts! I still have not finished mine. And your wire bracelet, WOW! I wish I would have been able to take that class!