Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oh No!

Ugh! How can it be august already?? I am already dreading the end of summer...I have not had enough time in my pool yet....Go away you evil winter spirits!! Some nights we get home and jump in the pool and it is so nice to see Charlie relax like that, I think he is starting to really love my pool. Must squeeze every drop out of summer I can...

August will find me at more jewelry classes and my friend Debbie will be visiting at the end of the month, we will sit around and scrapbook, play bingo, eat too much....and just enjoy our long friendship, let's see..I met her when I was pregnant with Travis, I guess that will be 24 years we have been friends!
I am going to try to find the time to redo my slideshow to incorporate the multitude of things I make and not just jewelry, I know you all must be getting tired of me shoving it down your throats, but it is so rewarding to wear something you made with your own two hands!
I will try to work on that today...

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