Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Charlie and I had to be up by sunset and marks last night so we decided to try out THE SPORTING HOUSE on the corner of stephanie and galleria drive.
We thought this would be a great place to go watch sports and eat some dinner.
We entered and told the hostess we wanted to have dinner not go to the bar so she put us in the dining room. We were the only ones there in a large room, they had plenty of tv's on but no sound instead they had very loud alternative rock music on. When the waitress walked up we asked please turn down the music and turn up a tv that had sports on it (remember we are in a sports place) It sounded like we were in a mosh pit or hard rock club.
She returned with our drinks and said I told the manager about the music. But still it is loud, we have our drinks and wait for our food, we ordered meatball sandwich minis and cheesesteak minis with fries. Our food arrives and we explain that the music is still tto loud and we would like to watch the football game...we are in a sports place!!! She says ok I will tell the manager (uh thought you did that already?) Remember we are the only ones there still and they could not cater to their only customers. We finish eating all while listenening to some guy scream and yell and say the f word while attempting to sing very loud.
finally the manager shows up, young guy of course, he must be the head banger in control of the music. We tell him the music is way too loud for the dining area and while explaining this my husband must have said shit or damn and the guy had the nerve to say please don't curse sir...oh I lost it...I said way a minute you just played a song that said the F word!!!!
We left dinner was on them!!! Don't ever step foot in this establishment and don't think you will get to watch sports in there either!

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colleen myler said...

You go girl friend - I agree with you! It's almost no fun to go out for dinner any more and try and watch a ball game!!!!