Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vegas Info!

Some of you traveling to Las Vegas tend to collect jars and jars of loose change to try your luck on the slot machines, well, unless you are going downtown to the old casinos, don't bring your change to the newer casinos. (and since I have not been downtown in awhile not sure if you can still take change there).

Deb saves up her change all year for when she visits, she had a big baggie full, we went over to sunset station casino, and although I knew the machines no longer take change, I thought you could still go to the cashier and they could turn it into bills. Nope! We were turned away and told we could go to a coinstar machine (usually in supermarkets) or nevada state bank to cash it in.

Knowing the coinstar machines take a nice little chunk for themselves, I took deb to the nevada state bank on nellis and tropicana, they have a machine in there that is free to turn your coins into bills, they take no cut! So you dump your change in and take the ticket to a teller and you walk out with greenback!

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