Saturday, September 1, 2007


Ok .... How dang sweet is this ring??? And I made it!!! Well, with lots of help from my mentor Colleen ;-)
Must admit the whole right side left side thingy was a fluke, I had some of my squiggles fall off and in the process of fixing had more fall off so I figured heck with squiggles, I would polish up the right side and see what happens...well, I love it! It is polished and refined on one side and rough with reckless abandon on the other side.....wheeeeee!!!! I can go elegant or I can go casual, I will let my ring decide!! hee-hee!!!
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Beadmetaler said...

Jackie,You did a great job on this ring - you should be very proud .

Mandy said...

Awesome ring Jackie! Love it, what kind of stone did you use? I love the color!!!