Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Blues...

The end of summer is almost here...I miss my pool already!
Not much happening here, Charlie is gearing up the racecars so they can race a couple more times before the end of the year.
I am working on some jewelry projects, maybe I can photo them today so you have something to look at!
Fall will be here and I will be pulling my boots out again...seems like I just took them off and now it is time to put them back on....yeah, I am a little depressed when summer is ending, I need the sunshine to keep me warm and happy. I will try to cheer up today, maybe I will have a better post tomorrow!
Stay tuned, things are bound to improve!


Bead and Needle said...

Keep that pool cover on and you will be swimming through January! Be not sad, little LOVE those boots of yours!

Colleen said...

Hey Chica!

You will still have the sun for the fall and winter months! The sun shines here all of the time minus a couple of days!! Enjoy the change - the sun just causes Cancer!!!!!