Saturday, November 29, 2008

Busy Busy...

Got all my snowmen in the house now! Been decorating all day, I still need to pick up a new tree, ours lost its lights last year so we are buying a new one this year.
So did anyone go out for black friday shopping? Is that not just insane - killing people to go shopping?? I stayed in and shopped online, bought us a new fridge! Got a maytag with the freezer on the bottom, should be fun and exciting, trying something new, hey, you been married 20 years a new fridge is as exciting as it gets, hahahaha! I spent a week researching them, decided I wanted to try this freezer on the bottom and one big door on top, and after living with this side by side door thing I am ready to send it to the junk yard, I just hope this fridge we have holds out 11 more days, the motor sounds like an old 57 ford truck that won't shut down when you turn it off!
Rained for the last couple days, that was nice change, so that's all the news from Vegas, hope to have more exciting news soon!

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Beadmetaler said...

Yes, I took my grandson out shopping at Target .... what a trip.