Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday early!

Yesterday, Tanya and I went to the ASD trade show at the Sands expo. It is a big show where buyers can purchase clothing, jewelry, gifts, to re-sell in their stores. Having my resale license allows me the opportunity to get in and maybe buy some items at wholesale (dirt cheap).
We found many cool items and got to see the latest trends that will be hitting the stores soon!
You can't buy too many things being a small fish like me, as most sellers have minimums 200.00 or more and you have to order big quantities, but some places let you do cash and carry.
It makes for a fun day!
Charlie decided to show up and have lunch with us, as he was looking for items to put his racecar business on Well, he was down in the toy and gift section he came upon a man selling guitars, and he bought me this acoustic for my birthday gift!
How thoughtful is that? He knows learning to play the guitar is on my bucket list.

Off to find a guitar strap and some lessons! See you all soon, with more exciting news form Las Vegas!


HoneyBirds said...

How fun!! Next time we see you, you have to play us something! I tried to play guitar once, i got a whole kit with a fender acoustic and books telling you how to play... let me tell you, books don't work! Good luck with your lessons, I'm sure it will be much much better than a book!!

Bead and Needle said...

Charlie's the MAN! Happy early birthday...

Colleen said...

If the lessons don't work, you can always wire-wrap it! Have fun with this and can't wait to hear a tune or two!