Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back in Black...

Last night was another tribute band concert at the Hilton, this time we got to hear some old AC/DC music, I loved it! This is what I spent my teenage hood listening to..BonJovi, AC/DC, Guns and Roses.
This band was called Bonfire and they were very good! Since we may be attending more of these concerts, here is a little background, they are put on by Jerry Greenberg, he is an American Music Executive, who at 32, was the youngest president of any major record company in the recording industry and received that title in 1974 as President of Atlantic Records.

Jerry has signed such acts as ABBA, The Blues Brothers, Foreigner, Genesis, Niles Rogers, TS Monk, Whitesnake, Roxy Music to name a few!
So now Jerry goes out and searches for cover bands, he chooses only the best of the best,  gets them to sign to the this concert series and then on wednesday night we get to go out and enjoy a little mini-concert that is almost like the real deal, that is, if they are a good enough cover band, so far Which one's pink (Pink Floyd)and Bonfire (ac/dc) have been the best!
Bonfire played last night and they rocked the house, the audience was loving it and so were we, Me, Tanya, and Erin.
It makes for a fun night out with some great music!
Since I got a little Thunderstruck last's some AC/DC to get your thursday morning rocking:

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