Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sad Sunday and more!

The racecar got caught up in a wreck last night, Joe is okay all the safety equipment did their jobs! But the car is junk!
So hubby is in the garage covered in grease, salvaging what he can of the pieces, he will update his blog tonight hopefully with photos and the whole story, so check my hubby's blog tomorrow sometime, the link is to the right under "gotta check out these blogs".

The pool is sparkling clean again, all levels are normal and it looks fabulous!
I will be in it later with my hat on and a pina colada in my hand working on my tan!

We will be staying in for the next month to make up for the bbq island and the racecar parts he will need to buy to put her back together. So no boulder station mexican food or casinos or restaurants for awhile, gotta stay home and cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the new bbq!

On to some photos: here is the cuff I have poured hours and hours of work into I love it but it is way to big for me to wear, I am heartbroken but I will scale it down and make another for sure!

Here is a peace sign piece of art Jerry B gave me for my birthday, I love this piece to death, I can't thank her enough!!! and look how wonderful the cuff fits and goes with the hand, they were made for each other!! So this is the first piece of art you see when you walk into my studio!


Amanda said...

I love it! The cuff is so beautiful and it looks perfect on the hand.

Mandy said...

These are so you!!! Your cuff turned out great! And the hand is so cool, I love it!