Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy 19th Anniversary!!

Well it is official - 19 years we have been married! Only 365 more days until the big 20!! I get to countdown now and shop for a new wedding set, well maybe, I get attached to things and I love my little wedding set that cost us 600.00 19 years ago, it never gets in the way and it fits well on my small hand. So maybe I will ask for pebbletec in the pool next june instead of a new diamond ring, pebbles are in the stone family! Hee-hee!

So here is a song to celebrate...whenever this song comes on the radio I love how Charlie sings it to me, and how he even does the Temptations dance moves, all this while driving the truck! It is adorable and I want him to know I love him so much more!


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mandy said...

Congratulations!!! Not many couples last that long two hold onto each other!