Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Whew..time flies....

Did not realize I have not updated lately...been busy with spring cleaning and fixing up the house. Getting the yard ready for summer.
We had some pretty bad winds and our gazebo out back took a pretty good hit, it actually looked like a tornado hit it. One corner had been pulled in and twisted, which in turn caved in the center. I thought I took a photo but can't find it. It was getting old and needed replaced, outdoor furniture only lasts 2-3 years here in the desert sun.
I decided to change it up and got a nice pergola instead of a gazebo again. Less framing to get taken out by the wind, and a smaller cover that can be protected so less chance of sun rot....we will see how long this lasts, should do well.

The cover can be retracted to be closed and protected when not in use. 

My view, it has already changed and I will update with more once we finish the yard-scaping!
I decided to make a little cabana type area like you see at the fancy hotels, all I need now is a handsome cabana guy to bring me my pina coladas!

In other news, I went to Vogue Knit show with Tanya....got to see all the fun things I can crochet.
I can make a showgirl costume:
Or a beehive gown:
All in fun....I saw beautiful yarns and wonderful things I can create, it was a fun day. We played bingo, had a crappy breakfast at Red Rocks cafe, I really don't recommend eating there, the service is always horrid and the food is never good there, for some reason...

We headed to the The Christmas goose quilt shop since we were on that side of town and to the big IKEA...then called it a day.

Oh I almost forgot, I have to go online to get some of this gorgeous yarn, it was not a the show and it is the most beautiful gray with a hint of teal picking through...YES! That is my colors!!!

Stay tuned for more fun in the Las Vegas Sun, next Saturday I head to Empty Bowls....More on that later.....

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Colleen Mcgraw said...

wished I could have joined you and Tanya, that would have been fun