Thursday, June 11, 2009

Night on the town!

Ok, first here is photo of hair, layered and to my shoulders, nothing to fancy!

We left to go to the Bellagio, got to Olives and when I walked in I thought this is not a nice place to eat?? It was windy so we did not want to sit outside, besides there were only about 8 tables out on a teeny tiny balcony and you would have to tip the hostess a 20 to get a table out there then you would have to wait, so they sat us a little table in the walkway in the bar...I looked at the menu prices and decided no way was I going to waste a 200.00 dinner at the place!! I know better places to spend our money! Ha!
So we had a drink and split a ceasar salad and left...out on the floor, we happened upon a real hotspot, a little deli where everyone was eating before they went to see one of the shows there in the hotel, it was so fun because the women were dressed to the hilt and scarfing down ruben and wraps....we sat at a counter and across from us sat a couple who were in town from London, they got a great deal to fly to vegas and see shows for 4 days, we enjoyed chatting with them and the food was wonderful, I had a buffalo chicken wrap and charlie had a chicken ceasar salad, so skip the fancy restaurants and hit the deli for a great dinner at the Bellagio!

We went out to the casino and played a little, then as you wander off and get away from the crowds and explore the shops, you happen upon a dessert bar..naturally I had to have a crepe with raspberries and chocolate sauce and a cappachino, Charlie guessed it...Ice cream, they have little tables against the windows that over look the pool so we sat there and enjoyed our dessert, it was nice and quiet and peaceful, and a nice way to end our anniversary evening!!

I hope you enjoyed my excitement the past couple days, I am so thankful to have been married to a man who enjoys my company and loves to spoil me rotten, thank you to everyone who sent cards and left wonderful comments, it was a very important milestone in my life and I was happy to share it with such wonderful friends through my blog!


colleen myler said...

Did you have DESSERT at home as well????!!!!

Swubird said...


First of all, thank you so much for stopping by my site.

From reading your post, I'd say it sounds like you had a great time. My Queen and I have always loved our visits to Vegas. In fact, we would probably have moved over there if it hadn't been for our medical insurance. It doesn't cover us in Nevada. Dang!

Over the years, however, we've spent some wonderfully wild and fun times in Sin City. We've stayed at most of the clubs with the exception of the Ballagio---too expensive. In the old days we stayed at the Tropicana. But it's gotten run down. Now we hold up at the Mirage. You mentioned dressing to the hilt. That describes my Queen to a "T." In fact, at home we called her Miss Hollywood because she always looked like a movie star.

Now we are older, but we still try to go Vegas a couple of times a year. We especially love it on Thanksgiving Day. No more cooking and no more cleaning. Just eat and relax.

I have looked at your blog list. If you would like to trade links just let me know. I'd be happy to list your blog on my site along with my other wonderful friends. You know, I would never have believed that I would be corresponding with people from all over the world. Amazing.

My stories are all true. And I try to keep them at less than 450 words. That's short. Additionally, when someone leaves me a comment, I always respond back. All of my friends do. That's what makes it so fun. So, please stop by and check out The Radioactive Cowboy before I take it off the screen.

I'm looking forward to your next article.

Happy trails.

Mary said...

Oh Jackie - that was a PERFECT Jackie and Charlie Anniversary! All the things the two of you love popped right up because you were determined to be yourselves on your big night! Nice going - and nice hair cut! Love you both!

Amanda said...

Jackie your ring is beautiful and so is your hair! I am so glad that you had such a happy anniversary. Here's to another 20.