Sunday, June 21, 2009

A big thank you!

Not my brisket but pretty close facsimile...I need to send a big thank you out to my friend colleen myler, she took time out of her saturday morning to come over and teach me to cook.
She brought her vacuum sealer, parmasean cheese grater, and cooking apron....she taught me to marinate a brisket, make homemade cesaer salad dressing, parmasean crisps, sauted mushrooms and twice baked potatoes. What a trooper she was!!

We got the brisket marinated and vacuumed the other half, made the dressing and the potatoes and she told me how to do the mushrooms...everything went in the fridge until today when I put the meat in the oven for 4 hours...I took it out and put the potatoes in and started the mushrooms. Chopped the salad...hey big tip here...go buy the salad chopper scissors at the next pampered chef party you go to, love those, makes the salad like a chopped salad, so easy to eat, no more big pieces of salad to try to shove in your mouth!

Got everything done and sat down to eat, It was amazing, everything tasted like a gourmet restaurant, I loved the mushrooms, don't tell my sister, she always tried to get me to eat mushrooms and I thought she was crazy, wait till I get to cook these for her!! Yum-O!!

Charlie really enjoyed everything (he would not eat the mushrooms) the potatoes are a keeper!! I don't think I can ever eat regular baked potatoes after those!!

So a BIG THANK YOU to colleen myler, you give me hope in my little kitchen!!!


Colleen said...

Hey Girlfriend!

You did it - I just helped you, so now you know you CAN make anything you put your mind to! You will end up being a very good cook!

Your brisket looks delicious! Glad Charlie enjoyed your dinner!

Good for you and I knew you could do it with just a little bit of help!

Chefola - Colleen

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Myler is an excellent teacher. Just the picture of your brisket is mouthwatering.

You can do it girl--all cooks have failures at one time or another, so don't be so hard on yourself if and when you do! Just don't give up.

Pat K

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Hey .... I don't even eat beef but that looks so delicious. I know Charlie must have loved it and what a special treat for Father's Day.
Colleen is a great cook .... you couldn't have a better teacher.
Cook on girl!!! you need an apron now and a chef's hat!!

Amanda said...

Awesome Jackie. Congratulations on your wonderful kitchen adventure! I love to cook so if you ever need another set of hands in the kitchen just let me know =)

Mandy said...

Yummy, yum, yum...I'll eat anything you cook anytime!!!

Anonymous said...

You're a cooking fool, girlfriend!!! Nice job - just stay away from Bobby Flay - he's MINE!