Saturday, June 20, 2009


My new skin...
I had to buy a skin for my laptop, my hubby was using my laptop on the kitchen table and I happened to have a candle burning and he did not notice the laptop was close to the candle and it started melting my laptop, so it was scarred. I went on and made my own laptop skin to cover my lid. I figured I might as well promote my shop while I hide my ugly burn fun is that?
So go make your own or buy a premade one and dress up your laptop!


Colleen said...

I saw that yesterday when I was there and I really liked it!

I also think your craft room is so cool and organized - when I move, you can get me organized!

surfjade said...

Thanks for visiting my Soup Lady blog. First thing I see on your site is your fab looking brisket!
Then, great jewelry. I love jewelry.

Mandy said...

That's really cool, I think I'm going to put my laptop in my studio, I'll have to make one, thanks for sharing!