Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chris Isaak on the Beach!

Went to see Chris Isaak last night, it was Me, Charlie, and Tanya. We had dinner at the cafe, then hit the beach for some great music by one of the best!
This is a photo Charlie snapped on his phone as Chris Isaak sang and danced right past us! Then he went back on stage and sang all his great songs! If you have never seen Chris in concert, go, he is so much fun and his music never gets old!
This concert was at Mandalay Bay, they have a beach and you bring a towel and sit on the sand and the water is right in front of you and the stage is above the water. You are real close, and since it is after the sun goes down and the water is there, it is nice and cool to be outside for a concert!
I just love this venue!


Bead and Needle said...

FABULOUS concert - GREAT company - OUTSTANDING entertainer! What Jackie didn't bother to tell you is that she actually touched him and that beautiful blue suit, as he walked right next to us, through the crowd. I'm just glad she let go of him once she got her hands on him! :-) Thanks for the fun, you two...those tickets were worth every cent!

Ronna said...

Been to the Mandalay Bay outdoor concert setting a while back and I know it was a great venue for that concert. Looks like you had too much fun! Never been to Chris Isaak concert, but I do have his CD. I was looking for you guys in the that your head in front?