Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ethan Bortnick Piano Prodigy!

We got tickets see Ethan Bortnick perform here in Las Vegas at the Hilton, so we made it a little girls night out (me, colleen, tanya) with our chauffer Charlie.
This little boy is amazing, he is so full of life and love of music, my favorite part of the night was when we was telling the story of his meeting with Elton John (lucky kid!) Elton had asked Ethan if he played any Chopin, Ethan said "no, I never have" Ethan says to the audience, "when Elton John says you should play Chopin, you go learn Chopin!! And he did, then he played it for us and it was amazing!! Here is a video that sums up Ethan's life so far, remember he is only 10, he started playing at 3!

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Ronna said...

He's quite a talent and has a special gift!