Monday, July 11, 2011

My friend went on vacation...

Tanya went to colorado for 3 weeks, well, she went lots of places in those 3 weeks, check out beadandneedle to see where she went....She went to see her parents, who I can say are two of the nicest funniest people I have had the pleasure to meet! While with them, she went antiquing with her mom, Barb, and Barb decided she wanted to get me a little something for my new kitchen...Mr Hambone, a bank, probably from the 40's! He is very, very, vintage..and looks so sweet on my little shelf in my kitchen! Thank you Barb!! I just adore him!!

Tanya ended up driving back through Arizona and New Mexico, I am so glad she stopped in Pueblo, New Mexico because she bought me a Zuni Fetish!!

Here is some information on what a Zuni Fetish is:
The Zuni are an Indian tribe who reside on the Arizona / New Mexico border, along the Zuni River. Physical evidence of permanent dwellings date their existence in the region back as far as 700 C.E.

Although other tribes produce fetishes, the Zunis are arguably the most skilled of all at carving fetishes. Tribes like the Navajo use Zuni fetishes to guard livestock, among other functions. Zunis also sell unconsecrated fetishes and fetish necklaces to tourists and collectors, and many individual artists have become famous for their work.

Fetishes are employed to ask for help with treating disease, farming, gambling, hunting, fertility, rain, personal problems, and protection from witchcraft or one's enemies. They bring good luck, protect households, and play a role in tribal initiations and curing rituals. But only a pure heart and an honest appeal will get the desired results. They can belong to an individual, a secret society, a clan, or a tribe. Their power lies in the spirit dwelling within the fetish, not in the fetish itself (Pagewise, 2009).

Many fetish carvings include "offerings," also known as power packs and medicine bundles. They are added to the carving, usually with sinew, to placate the spirit of the animal and to add to its power.

Here is the fetish I recieved from Tanya:

 He is a Bear made from Picasso Marble, made by Jeff Eraicho, he has a "Power pack" on his back made of turquoise, and he has a fish in his mouth. I still need to put a little cornmeal in his pouch to feed him, that is what you should always do, offer food and water. Take care of your fetish and they will take care of you!

The Bear = Strength, Introspection, spiritual journey though life.

I can't wait to travel to New Mexico next year and pick up a Zuni Fetish for Travis and Rebbeca, I want to get them a Buffalo one, that is kept for: Endurance to overcome, great emotional courage provider to all.

Thank you Tanya for my Gift, I will carry him with me always!

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Bead and Needle said...

Ah, Chica - you deserve it all! I will get you some more information on the bear this week. Enjoy.