Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Travis and Dash are visiting! Travis is my 24 year old son from California and Dash is my friend Amanda's bengal kitten (we are kitten-sitting for a week). Dash is so lovable, and energetic! Toby is avoiding him like the plague and keeping to himself in his room, Dash does not how to operate the cat door so Toby is perfectly content to lounge in his room and can come and go as he wants but Dash can't enter the room due to the cat door! We have a cat door on the guest room then leading out to a litter box outside for Toby so hence the guest room is Toby's room!
Dash had to have his own litter box put in my craft room for the week. He is so playful but he runs around and knocks stuff over and tries to climb the trees in the living room, it is hilarious!
Travis and I are lounging in the pool today and then maybe we will go to the strip tomorrow and walk around then he goes home wednesday night at 8:00. Just here for some R&R.


Mandy said...

What would we do, where would we be without our pets, our famlies & our friends. It's so nice of you to take care of Dash & for Toby to share his house!

Anonymous said...

What a beauty! And it's really nice when you can find a cat that's not afraid to be around strangers. Thanks for sharing! Pat K.