Monday, April 12, 2010

On the go...

Went to the glass show on friday, bingo on saturday, and laughlin on sunday! Been a busy weekend.
At the glass show I was able to attain some more guitars so be on the look-out in my etsy store for new additions! I will also have some peace sign purse hangers, I have had many requests after people see mine in restaurants!
Bingo was fun, I won 25.00!
Laughlin was a dud, we drove out to see a vehicle for work and the owner said "no you can't see my car" so we drove there for nothing, we will still get milage, but we lose the estimate money, we had breakfast in the Edgewater, can you say "DUMP" geez, fix the place up people, it was gross..came home and relaxed the rest of the weekend!

I got news that Travis (my son) and Rebecca had to put their cat to sleep, two ton jake, you can check out their memorial on That is so difficult to do, they tried their best to help Jake overcome his medical problems but it was too late for him, but they gave him the best last two months of life any cat could hope for, he was well spoiled in the end!

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Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about Travis and Rebecca's cat.