Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sad and Happy!

The SAD: American Idol...oh the heartbreak, my boy Andrew got voted out last night, if you never got the chance to see him sing his version of Straight Up the paula abdul this, it is amazing:

Good luck Andrew and I will be looking forward to buying your albums!!

The HAPPY: I sent Crystal Bowersox one of my harmonica necklaces, it was just so her, with a guitar charm and mini harp on it, it just fit her, well, she recieved it and wore it on American Idol last night Wednesday night..How cool is that! She even played it a little walking back to her seat because she was safe, thank goodness!
Anyway I am so happy she liked it!! I wear mine all the time and get the best compliments! I hope she continues to do well and I can't wait to buy her albums!

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