Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting in shape and getting healthy!

Well, here I am almost 46! Time flies, I guess!
I started gaining weight when I hit 42 and it seemed there was no stopping it, until my friends started on some weight loss journeys of their own, and they pulled me in. Colleen McG does organic stuff and lots of exercise, Tanya loves Atkins, Colleen Myl works at curves, Pat S is a zumba expert. So all together we have quite a support system, I have now branched out and am helping my sister with motivation and tips and tricks.
The best advice I got was from Colleen McG, she had a Tap and Track app on her phone. That is one awesome little app! I put in information and it tells me how many calories I should have a day, plus it tracks protein and carbs and so much more....

Just by using this app and watching my calories and carbs and working out on my treadmill, I have dropped 7 pounds!! I am now at my optimum weight and all I have to do now is maintain it. Easy Peasy with this helpful little app!

Another fun app I use is Couch to 5K. It is a workout program that is training me to run a 5k. It will take 9 weeks of working out, you only do the program every other day. I am on my third day, so on Easter Sunday I will run my first 5k.

This app is great because I plug it into my treadmill, play my music on shuffle, and the voice comes on and tells me when to walk and when to run. I am having fun with this one!
Well, there you have it, it is never to late to get up off the couch and eat better, and exercise, with todays technology it is easier then ever to get in shape!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

With your apps, exercise and 1-2-3 cooker you can't go wrong ...U go girl!!

Tanya said...

A 1-2-3 cooker?!!!! WOW! Congrats...and I want to stand along the route as you are running your 5K...I can hand you water!

Ronna said...

Where are you running your first 5K? Do I see a marathon coming down the road??? You can do it!