Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working and more!

Ok, I tried a new recipe tonight so check it out on my cooking blog..just click on the photo in the right hand column! Wow, it was fabulous!
Other then that, I have been working on my kitchen..I have walls to paint and more...My cabinets will be delivered between April 4th and the 13th!
Lots to do!
I went to a birthday lunch with some of the march birthday girls, we had fun over at the yard house!
From left to right: Pat S, Colleen Myler, Ronna, Kim, Jackie, Tanya!
I hope you get out and enjoy life a little...time is ticking by, and the world is in peril. Take a moment each day to reflect, remember not to sweat the small stuff...enjoy every moment we live and breathe, you never know when it will be stripped from your grasp. Life is short, be happy today because tomorrow will be too late!
Peace, Love and Happiness to all who read my blog!
Make today the best day of your life!!

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Bead and Needle said...

Nice post - Happy Birthday, again!