Sunday, June 27, 2010

I sang back up for Oleta Adams!

Haha, well kind of, she said her voice was not that strong last night and told everyone if they sing along they can put that on their resumes! So, yes, I sang back up for Oleta Adams!
I scored some tickets to see Oleta over at the railhead in Boulder Station, many of our music loving friends are out of town so it was just me and Tanya, I am so thankful Tanya joined me, I really love Oleta's voice, very soulful and beautiful and I was so happy to get to see her sing and play the piano!
Our fun evening started with dinner at the Mexican place with Charlie, then we all went to the back bar and played the jukebox and keno until the show started.
We left Charlie there to play keno and watch baseball, and headed for the venue at 8:00.
I hope Tanya liked the music, it is not our usual rocking stuff but I thought it was a very nice show, Oleta's voice was still great despite her saying she was having problems, so rich and smooth!
Most of you will know Oleta's music by this song, but all her music is just as good, so give her a try in your ipod when you want some relaxing soul sounds....

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Bead and Needle said...

And you sang it with such gusto!! What a grand, relaxing evening - great friends...beautiful music...who could ask for anything more?! Thanks, Jackie and Charlie - I had a ball! Probably more than SOME people can say lately! :-)