Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lake Havasu! Fun in the sun!

We spent friday and saturday in Lake Havasu with our best friends Joe and Mary, it was just like old times, we miss them and when we can spend time with them it is as if we never left!
Friday found us out on the boat cruising, saturday was more of the same and it is so entertaining being at the Channel (London Bridge) Here are some photos of the fun we have!

Joe and Mary

Me and Charlie

The Boys Girl Watching!

Hanging out on the Essex, Joe and Mary's beautiful boat!

Are the bikini's getting smaller or are the girls getting bigger??

Jackie is not allowed to use the camera when drinking tequila!

Joe and Mary
We always clean up and have a nice dinner out!

Charlie and I

Thank you Joe and Mary for another fabulous time in Lake Havasu!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

Okay ...1 picture with your hat on???
Looks like you had a fun, relaxing weekend...good for you!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

One picture with your hat on??
Looks like you both had a fun weekend, good for you!!

Colleen said...

Who's that girl with her crack showing? Looks like fun-at least you put on a bikini-this body would put on a house dress!!!!!!

Glad you & Charlie got a chance to get away and relax and have a funtastic time!

Bead and Needle said...

Well, the BOOBS are getting bigger as the bikinis are getting smaller...that's for sure - I thought it was YOU for a second! Did Charlie take that picture?

Looks like you had a wonderful time - I'm jealous! LOVE the last picture of you and for the Christmas cards this year!

Pat K said...

You both look really relaxed and happy. I'm sure you needed this time to get away after being so busy the past week.