Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wonderful Retreat!!

Ok, I am back from another fabulous time in Newport Beach! The Marriott is wonderful, the service and attention you get is spectacular! I was able to complete an album and get 3 others started. I recieved a room with a view, breakfast, lunch and dinner saturday and breakfast and lunch sunday. The food is gourmet all the way. I did not eat with the group saturday for dinner because Travis came to have dinner with me! That was nice, he brought me a silver necklace and a cute card for my birthday!
We had 104 people at the scrapbook retreat! We had about 5 banquet rooms filled!! Oh what fun!! The best part is I get to do it all again in September when we head back to Palm Springs area for more scrapbook fun!! Make sure you check out Croppin'Away in the right side links under "like to get away"!! You won't be disappointed!
My View from room 934!

My dinner friday night, room service, that was the best pizza I ever had!
My room, slept in every day till 8:00 am!!!

One of the crop rooms, we had about 5 filled!!

Another crop room!

I couldn't resist this coffee cup I saw at the Airport! And it is exactly how I feel, I am so lucky to have a husband who spoils me with these trips, I love him so much and try so hard to spoil him back, we work hard to have the fun we have, I like scrapbook retreats and he likes to go racing, life is good for us!

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Amanda said...

I believe that the energy that you create comes back to you in this life so I'm not suprised that someone as wonderful as you has so many great times!