Thursday, March 13, 2008


Last night charlie took me out shopping for my birthday, we started out at the new town square so I could shop at the Lucky brand store, they had a purse there I wanted but the purse was no longer there, he heard a clerk say they had another lucky store in Ceasar's forum shops, so we headed that direction, we found the Lucky store but no purse there either, I was bummed and now my feet hurt so we sat down at a keno machine so I could rest and grab a coffee when 2 cocktail girls walk up and ask if we wanted two tickets to Bette Midler show that was starting in 10 minutes!! Yeck yeah! They would not take a tip and ran off so we ran to the line and had great seats on the floor about 50 feet from the stage!! She put on a great show and was her usual funny self, I loved hearing her sing "the rose" and "when a man loves a woman" my two favorites from her! I still can't believe we got tickets for free!! What a neat birthday gift!!
Here are some more gifts I have recieved, the peace sign belt I bought last night right before we got tickets to the show...the peace sign bikini is from Mary Flores, the cat necklace is from Pat K, the chainmaille pendant and bracelet are form Colleen Myler, the purse hook and key holder from Mary Nolan-Reigle, the guitar watch from Mary Kay and Chuck, The flowers are from Margaret, I also have 4 shirts but they are in the wash! Thank you everyone for making my 43 so lucky!!
Charlie is taking me out agian today to finish shopping and go to dinner, so stay tuned for more fun from Las Vegas!!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Jackie! What great fun you had and I'm so glad. You are a wonderful person and I wish you the happiest of birthdays

Beadmetaler said...

Happy Birthday .... you look like you got so spoiled.
Love the butterfly. Lunch is on me when you get back next week. Have a great trip


Mandy said...

Karma, that's all I have to say about YOU getting Bette tickets for free!!!

Looks like & sounds like you had a great birthday!