Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Series Addiction!

Hi, my name is jackie and I have a series addicition....when I get into a series I can't stop watching until it goes off the air...it all started with the waltons, from there I moved on to bewitched, mash, cheers, friaser, friends....then came cable tv and the series got stronger, more graphic, I was into queer as folk, sopranos, six feet under, carnivale and now my friend and enabler Colleen has got me hooked on Nip/Tuck. Yeah I had to buy all 4 seasons and when those are through I will buy season 5 which I missed this year....I can't stop, I even have my husband addicted, we been staying up until after 10 just to get 3 shows in a night...we have a problem and we don't want help, it is that good of a show...see for yourself and we'll see you at the next meeting of "The Series Addiction".
This video is from season 1, a few years ago.

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Amanda said...

I agree. I love Nip/Tick. I used to watch Julian McMahon (Dr. Troy)when he was on the series Charmed. He is easy on the eyes =)