Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barrett-Jackson show!

The auction block, this is another car I would love to have a 57 convertable thunderbird, dang, I would look so cute zipping around Las Vegas in that baby!
Oh how sweet it is! My dream car! Nothing more to say!
The Pontiac StarCheif, gosh the detailing is so much fun, I really think this car suits me and the color matched my eyes, Charlie left the checkbook at home, thanks to Mario's advice, geez, and I would of let you change her oil!!!
Oh The Travis mobile!! I could just see Travis driving this ride around town, he would look so sweet!!
Gosh, this picture made me laugh, I am so giddy around the classics, I just love them, I really should have been born in an earlier time so I could have been around in the 50's and 60's. Well, I was born in 1965 but at that age I could not appreciate the cars then!
It was an amazing show. I loved sitting in the arena area and watching the auctions go on live. That was fun.

Then there were two different areas to view the cars, it was a lot of walking, but so neat to see the classics up close, I love the interiors of some of these cars, the detailing is so beautiful. I found a new favorite, a pontiac Star Chief, Oh the details on this baby, I loved the stars on the trim and all the little extras every where, but I still want a 56 or 57 chevy Bel Air, that is my dream car in black and chrome and maybe a splash of teal and gray on the interior, ahhh, someday but for now I have the Barrett-Jackson people to keep my dream alive.


Colleen said...

If only I had known you in the 60's - I had a '56 Chevy Bel Aire, turquoise and white - I loved that car! The show looked like fun!

Colleen Myler

Mary Nolan-Riegle said...

You would look so good in that Thunderbird!

Amanda said...

Glad you had a good time. I still remember my first car a 1977 chevy nova. Now why did I ever sell it. I also drove my grandma's 1965 chevy impala around town all the time thinking I looked so cool.