Thursday, October 23, 2008

Single again!

Good thing I am married because if I was single I would cook food all the time and eat it and then I would have to be on my favorite show..the biggest loser!!!

But since it is fall classic time and charlie is at the race track every night I get to cook my elaborate meals I love so much...this time I steamed some crab, but that was yucky because I forgot to buy lemons...then I got roasted vegetables from Whole foods market and lemon asparagus and a big juicy here I am the kitchen is a disaster..but I now have on my plate what I call "my last meal" because this is what I would order if I was on death row and it was my time to go....Yeah, plate of roasted vegetables and a Steak to go! Oh, I would add a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream but I did not want to cook that tonight, that would mean heating the oven and we are still in the 80's here.

But you know what? It is funny how as you get older your tastes shift and now all I really want is the vegetables, holy moly, they are delicious!!! I discovered roasted vegetables on my scrapbook retreat, they were in a sandwich they served us and now I cannot get enough of them, Starbucks makes a sandwich with roasted veggies too, that is real good. But I will be back to whole foods for more of these, portobello, eggplant, carrot, squash and the aspargus, Wow, scrumptious!!!
So ends my single night, off to have some coffee (gotta love my Seattle's best blend) and work in my craft room while baseball is on the telly. Bon Appetit until next time!!!


Beadmetaler said...

Are we going to have to take a trip to the ER again soon???? you know what I'm talking about

Colleen said...

This is from your cook! How long did you steam your crab? You don't need to buy lemon asparagus - you just cook it in a steam bag and before you serve it, squeeze lemon on it! Wholesale foods is sooooooooo expensive - you silly girl - call the friend who does cook! I cook crab and steak very often and it turns out great!

Colleen, Jr.

Anonymous said...

You're not weird--just silly! It looks delicious--and except for the eggplant (I'd give that to you), I would scarf up the vegies. If I had given it much thought, we could have had dinner together--Joe bowls on Thursday nights and I also get to eat whatever I want. Tonight I ate a dish (pasta fazole-sp?) my mother sometimes fixed on Fridays--the day of the week when Catholics weren't allowed to eat meat. Not the real pasta fazole but pasta with peas, lots of butter, grated cheese, and salt & pepper. I would never eat it back then--even if my mother picked out the peas. I didn't want the pasta because of the tiny spots of peas stuck to the pasta. Now I crave it. So, now who's weird?
Pat K.

Mary said...

Wow, Jackie - those veggies look fabuloso! You can, of course, keep the steak, but I would have sucked up that crab, lemon or no lemon!