Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun Stuff!!

The other day Ethan was here (4yr old grandson) and he was singing a song about colors and it teaches him how to spell, it was so fun too watch and hear but I had no way to show charlie, so I went and researched camcorders, this one is great, the Flipvideo, (cost is 149.00 at office max) you get one hour of record time then you pop it onto your computer and BAM you have videos ready for youtube or aolvideo, this is going to be so nice for charlie to actually shoot videos of them racing and he can pop it on his blog, or I can video the funny things Ethan does, or I can video tape Toby napping all day, what ever!
Charlie forgot to take it with him tonight so he won't have a video for his blog, but I decided to test it out with my latest project:


Colleen said...

This is very cool - if I had a grandchild, I would buy one. Who would want to watch 2 dogs playing or the crazy cats running everywhere up stairs!

I could always tape Dick watching the politics!

Can't wait to see more - keep it us and keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Some pretty "racy" stuff there! Since Charlie has the camera, will you still be wallpapering in the nude as planned? I was going to warn you about that anyway--always preheat your metal ladder on cold days. Just kidding, Lots of hard work, can't wait to see the finish! Love, dw

Beadmetaler said...

Will you be installing a spa pedicure chair soon??? If so put me down for your first appointment... can't wait to see the room finished.