Monday, October 27, 2008

Here is the finished bathroom, well, I need a picture for above the towel rack, if you did not see the before scroll down to saturdays post! It took me all day saturday about 8 hours, I like it! That mint green was driving me nuts that was on the wall, next project is to get rid of the peach walls in the master bedroom and bathroom!


Colleen said...


It looks great! You can help decorate my next bathroom!


Mary said...

Wow Jackie! That looks GREAT!! You can definitely come help out in the new house! Just don't fall off of any scaffolding!

Amanda said...


This looks awesome, good job!

Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks great Jackie. You are definitely multi-talented--jeweler, scrapbooker, carpenter, painter, interior decorator--and let's not forget: wife, mother, grandmother, accountant, big "rig" driver, I could go on and on.

Pat K