Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday was the Desert Newcomer Luncheon, I still attend these functions and have a fun time getting out and going new places and meeting new people.
This month was the fall fashion show, we viewed clothes from the liz claiborne collection, very nice.

The lunch took place at Treasure Island Hotel on the strip. The banquet room was beautiful, and the tables were set so nice and formal, the food was top notch for banquet style, roast chicken, asparagus, risotto. Most people think "oh catered food, dried chicken again" not here, the food was moist and flavorful, Oh and dessert...A little mini chocolate cake with various layers dipped in chocolate and served with raspberries, yep, I had to eat that and it was sinful!
Very well prepared food, and the service was excellent, our glasses were filled constantly. A wonderful luncheon, I hope we can return next year as it was easy to get to off spring mountain and las vegas blvd!
Next stop this week is Barrett-Jackson show on friday!!! Saty tuned!

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