Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do you read?

My Stephen King Collection

Since I posted a SK reference in the last post, I thought I would show you a little obsession of mine. My sister got me started on SK and he is like potato chips you can't eat (read) just one!
Today Mandy asked "what are some good reads?". I always suggest a good SK book, I just bought Lisey's Story at the airport and it is looking good so far.
Tanya is a big fan, we were even on his waiting list to have a book signed together and didn't even know it, btw, he no longer is doing that!
Too busy with Red Sox games and getting run over by weirdos.
So leave a comment and suggest some good books and I can pass them on to Mandy or leave a comment and let me know what your favorite King book is!


Anonymous said...

OK, so this is a real tough one for me...favorite...hmmmmmmm...The Shining is one (the book was SOOOOOOOOO much scarier than the movie) and probably Tommyknockers and definitely Needful Things!

And, did you do this??? When "The Green Mile" was originally released, he did it as a serial, which meant he put out six smaller sections of the book (could have been more...must have made a killing on those individual books as opposed to one hardback...very smart). I waited once a month for those stupid things to come out and loved the story so much that I read each one in one setting, as soon as I got it, and then had to wait a whole month for the next part! ARGH! Tanya

Amanda said...

Hi Jackie,

I love Stephen King too. My favorite by him is Rose Madder. It is a different kind of book for him but very good.