Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's for Dinner?

Many times when I am traveling people will ask about Las Vegas, once they find out I live here.
Most of the time they ask "Where is a good place to eat?"

Well, with 3000-5000 places to eat here in town, it's a tough call.

I will tell you our 10 favorites, these are by location, just because it is a chain does not mean they are all good to eat at, the location is the key:

1. Lindo Michoacan on Desert Inn, east of Eastern, you want great service and homemade mexican food? This is the BEST!

2. Claim Jumper in Town Square, 215 and Las Vegas blvd. Happy hour in the bar is the best, cheap eats that will fill you up and they usually have baseball on!

3. Cheesecake Factory by The District, Green Valley Parkway. The ahi steak in here is the bomb! Hubby has to have a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake every time, so we limit our visits to save his waistline from growing!

4. Lucilles at The District, Green Valley Parkway. Best bbq, hands down, but they have other great things, I love the fried chicken and the marinated sirloin sliced with a special gravy on it...sooo good!

5. Trevi in Caesars palace, for some reason this little spot has become a favorite place to sit and watch the tourists, plus locals get a discount and the lasagna pizza is out of this world delicious, you have to try it to believe it!

6. Ventano's up on a hill in Henderson, Horizon Ridge and Valle Verde. Go for the shrimp on the stone if you only order that, you will die happy. Great Italian place!

7. Grand Lux Cafe in the Venitian, sit on the patio (indoors) by the railing and watch the people come and go, no better entertainment in the world, plus the food is gourmet but reasonably priced!

8. Tides in the Green Valley ranch resort, sit at the bar and order shrimp cocktails, and caesar salad, you can also get fresh sushi made right there in front of you, a bowl of clam chowder here in the winter is the best in town!

9. Cafe at Green Valley Resort. Breakfast is always good, they have a BLTA, Bacon Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado sandwich!

10. Buffet? Everyone wants a buffet every now and then..I only suggest the Buffet at Green Valley Resort again, and only on Friday night, seafood night, all the crab legs and shrimp you can eat, yummy!

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