Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Nothing new here...

Wish I had some exciting news to share but summer is kinda boring. I have been playing in my pool almost everyday, making light meals, no new recipes.

I have been reading again, picked up some new Stephen King books, Revival and Finders Keepers.
Finders Keepers, was really good. I let you know about Revival when I finish it.

Revival was really good, just like one reviewer said: "Vintage King" if you like the old stuff this is right in there!

I am also in the process of sorting through about 3000 photos we all took on our cruise, trying to whittle them down into scrapbook page categories, I need about 20 photos to choose from for each page layout. It is quite the process, but I figure I am half way there, then I will only print out about 200 pictures, just the best ones for the pages!

These 3 pictures will be on my front page!



Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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