Sunday, June 26, 2016

Concert at the T-Mobile

Got to go to my first of hopefully many concerts at the New t-mobile arena here in Las Vegas.
Thing is massive!
The walk through the park into arena.
But what a way to break it in...Garth Brooks back in the saddle, touring again after taking time off to raise his daughters. He sang all the oldies, the crowd just ate him up! They were in hog heaven! Loved it when he would start singing then stop and the whole crowd would finish his sentence! The sound system in there was excellent, so clear and pure. And great big clear picture screens. I was impressed. Plus we got a little bit of Trisha Yearwood with him, she came out and sang a few songs!
I will be back in October to see Keith Urban. Going to be fun!

I know a lot of people are concerned about parking but we had friends who went and bought 12,00 premium parking and they got right in and right out.

My hubby and I stayed off strip at the Green Valley ranch Resort, my home away from home,

I love that place! They shuttled us for free over to the Mandalay Bay at 4:00pm, we then just walked to the tram and rode that to Excalibur, from there you walk across the bridge into New York New York Hotel then out the doors a short walk through the new parkway (packed with places to eat, hang out, drink, play games, like big jenga games, bean bag toss games and more) and right into the arena you go! So fun and easy.

If you come to town and like to be away from the hustle and bustle but want to do a concert at the new arena, try out the Green valley resort,  Here is the link: Green Valley Resort has all you need in one place and after the concert just reverse your steps back to Mandalay bay and you hop in a cab for 30.00 back to GVR! Easy Peasy and no drinking and driving!

The concert was great, and I forgot just how many of his songs I really liked....Shameless, More than a Memory, The Dance....
 Thanks for a wonderful night of good music, Garth!

I have to say a big Thank you to our friends Chuck and Donna for meeting up with us and having a great dinner at the New York, New York, Damn, those burgers at the Burger Bar were fabulous! We owe you big time!!

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Colleen Mcgraw said...

Can't wait to go to a concert at the T-Mobil, I've seen Garth and Trish a few times and always a fantastic concert