Sunday, February 15, 2015

Going off the grid...

My hubby watches a show about people buying houses in Alaska, so they can live "off the grid"
Yep, he thinks he wants to do that, but after an hour he would want to drive back to civilization...he gets bored easily.

Normally we do not fall prey to valentines day nonsense, but he asked if I wanted to go do something Friday night. He wanted to go for a massage again, he has been working hard so I checked online, GVR was too expensive but Mandalay Bay had a room for the night 125.00 and the spa looked amazing. I got a room and booked him a massage.

We got to MB at 3 on Friday and the room on the 28th floor was amazing, but my phone was dying and I forgot my charger, he arrives and same thing, his phone was dying and no charger, it was then we decided we were going "off the grid"!!

We turned off our phones and headed to the spa.
Wow, very nice, he went to the men's side and I went to the women's side. Got my locker and robe and hit the sauna, sooooo relaxing!

We met back at the room at 5, dressed for dinner and headed out, we decided to take a cab over to our favorite place to eat, the Grand Lux in the Venetian. 15.00 to get us down there in a taxi, jeepers.

But it was worth it, no worries about driving with the crazies. Dinner was wonderful, we highly recommend the Caramel crispy chicken and the Chicken rivello, delicious!

From there we started the walk back to the Mandalay Bay, stopping here and there for a drink or to play a slot machine or two, we kept walking, dipping in and out of hotels, watching all the people.

When we got back the New York New York we hopped on the tram to the MB, wow, we made it back! It was only 9:00 so we went in to the Crossroads bar where they have karaoke night, we grabbed a seat and the music started, they have mostly regulars singing but still pretty good stuff, one guy thinks he is Billy Idol and he was pretty good. We sat and drank and ate chips and spinach dip, they really need some chips and salsa, I will have to write them a letter!

At 11:30 we went to our room and crashed, wow, that was fun. We have no pictures, no drunk texts to friends, no shaming on facebook...just a fun time eating and drinking and just being tourists!

In the morning, hubby picked up Ethan to go to work and watch the races in Pahrump, I headed down to the Café for breakfast, then home. I just love being able to escape to Las Vegas then come home again!

Hope you all had a fun valentines day!


Tanya @ Bead and Needle said...

And I was worried it was something bad...sounds like a fabulous time. Now you understand why it feels good sometimes, going off that grid and turning everything off.

My Garden Diaries said...

Now that sounds like the most amazing way to spend the day! What I would do to go to a spa like that! And I feel as though I could go off the grid sometimes too! Happy week ahead! Nicole xo

Colleen Mcgraw said...

Sounds like heaven, I think the last time I had a massage was on my 50th birthday ...and I am not saying how long ago that was.