Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Scrapping Good Time!

My first scrapbook trip of the year. I am working on my Scandinavian album and have 5 more scrapbook trips planned this year to complete it, then I am off to British Isles and Ireland next year!

We scrapped with Patti who owns She puts on wonderful retreats and picks the best locations, Town & Country resort in San Diego and the Marriott in San Diego, we will also be heading to The M resort right here in my own backyard!!

This resort is a little dated but the location is awesome, you can cross over a bridge and you are at the big mall where you can eat at the Cheesecake factory every night! YUM!

We had a wonderful time and I got a few pages completed!

The only problem I had was trying to fly to LAX in the early morning to drive to SD with Christy, my flight got cancelled and I had to sit there until the fog cleared up. I finally got there at 2:30! UGH!
Then we had to drive to SD, yuck, traffic!

But it was a great weekend full of a fun, fun group of scrapbookers!

My album and table!



The resort has 2 pools, and lovely garden like settings and lion statues everywhere!

My room is there, wonderful views!

73 scrapbookers scrapping away!

The walkway to the mall and restaurants!

My happy place...

A toast to many more scrappy events!


Colleen Mcgraw said...

looks like another wonderful weekend away and best got to share it with your sis.

Tanya said...

Christy looks fabulous - as do you, Chica - happy in your paper place! And you didn't tell me you were going to IRELAND!!! AWESOME!