Friday, February 27, 2015

The Big Bingo Bonanza!

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My friend, Deb, came to town to play at the Station Casinos Big Bingo is 2 days of bingo fun! The payouts run from 500.00 per game up to 50,000.00 a game! yep someone at red rock casino won 50,000 playing bingo!

You sign up online at They have bingo everyday, but these tournaments are special, they have them in Feb, a small one in April and May and then another big one in October.

We chose to play at Sunset Station, you buy in (199.00) pick your seat and book your room (special bingo rates). Then show up and play bingo for 2 days, no worries, you get breaks and they feed you a boxed lunch and then give you breakfast and dinner at the actually play 3 sessions per day, from 10 to 11, (break)11 to 12 (lunch) and then 1 to 4. Makes for a fun day!

We did not win but we had a good time!

I love to play bingo, I figure I am going to be one of those little old ladies playing bingo whenever I can!
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Hope everyone is enjoying the winter, spring is almost here, then comes my wonderful summertime...Oh, I can't wait!

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Colleen Mcgraw said...

LOL that photo is fabulous