Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The joy of Pinterest!

I have time between calls and data entry at the office, what better way to kill time then to peruse Pinterest?? Oh My, I have found some great recipes (Chicken Chipolte Enchiladas for one, recipe in older post) I have found beautiful quotes, pictures and some very hilarious videos, cartoons, ecards.

Well, the other day I came across a photo of someone doing something to their dining room wall, I clicked on it to take a closer look and went to this blog: Bella Nest: Out of the Ordinary Nook Wall where I saw that they were covering the wall with pennies!! It was beautiful! I thought that would be so cool, but I did not want to do a wall, instead I chose my dining room table! We have always covered our wood tables with a sheet of tempered glass (harder to break) so I already had a cover, just need to add pennies, luckily, I have a huge jar full!
My inspiration!
So I began the process, stay tuned to see the finished result, should take about a week of an hour or two a day of gluing! I will be hiding the oldest penny I have, so far it is a wheaty from 1945, making flowers, putting a row of our birth years and our kids birth years, adding some foreign coins in the center (my trip to europe coins). I am really having fun! My husband thinks I am nuts but I don't really care.
My start! That took about 3 hours!


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Mary said...

I'm not surprised with the pennies glued to the table, but Pinterest? I never thought you'd get hooked on that! You don't even have a Facebook page!

I can't wait to see how it comes out!