Monday, January 7, 2013

A haunted wine cellar??

I am having so much fun finding wines to try out and to stock my wine cellar with! Yes, it is my wine cellar, stores my wines at 55 degrees until ready to drink. It's my kitchen, my rules!

So back to the wine cellar, I have been travelling near and far to find wines I like. The Far, being Cost Plus World Market, Holy Moly, it was like going on a pilgrimage! But I made it, all 36 miles away! It was worth it, I loved all the wines they had, and soup kits and trinkets and goodies from around the globe! Fun fun fun! I bought 4 wines and some soup (hearty chicken noodle, it was fabulous). I also read all the labels at the grocery store, and some days I venture to Lee's discount liquor. I am always searching for a good Pinot Grigio, or Riesling, I love the ones that are crisp and refreshing, with pear and apricot! Yum!

I was just browsing my selections to find a wine to go with my roasted chicken and vegetables (recipe from Ina Garten via youtube) and decided on a nice Riesling by Fetzer, when I happened to notice a little trend going on in my wine cooler, seems I have chosen wines with names like : Starling, Castle Rock. Names from some of my favorite horror genres! Starling from the Hannibal fame, "Clarice do you still hear the lambs?" or Castle rock from Stephen King fame, the home of Cujo! Ok, I just gave myself chills, time to go eat my dinner and peruse more wine ratings on youtube, perhaps I will fine one called "The Ring" or "Shining" ....muhahahahahhaha!!!!


Bead and Needle said...

I have a full wine bottle here with some sort of Vampire label on it...I'm pretty sure it probably tastes like blood, but you're welcome to it, just for the looks!

vicki said...

Girlfriend - your latest beautiful scarf has just arrived and it is stunning -- as is everyone you have gifted to this incredible project!! Thank you seemslike such a trifle thing to say after all the generosity that you have shown! You know that I love you~~

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Love you!

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Mary said...

LOL! You would choose horror film wines! I'll have to check mine and see what the trend is!