Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend!

My sister came to town for the weekend, wow, we really crammed a lot of fun things in only 3 days!
Friday she arrived and we decided to go to bingo, she had brought me a little gift, a clover necklace, so I put it on and promptly won 100.00! After that we met up with Tanya for a lite lunch then headed home to relax before dinner.
When Charlie got home from work we headed to The Cheesecake Factory to have Ahi tuna and Salmon and Cheesecake all around, I had a bite or two of Lemon Raspberry, Christy had the Mango Cheesecake and Charlie had the Vanilla Bean! Then we headed to green Valley Resort to play some slots! No big wins so we headed home.
at a Cheesecake Factory.

Saturday we went to breakfast and manicures, Christy decided to get acrylics put on so we had to come back Sunday for that, so I decided to make a haircut and color appt!
We left there and made our way to the big antique mall on Charleston and Decatur, we found some small trinkets and then headed home to rest before dinner and our concert.

Charlie arrived home and we left for the Orleans where we like to eat at TGIFridays, we met up with Tanya as she was going to the concert with us, then James showed up so Charlie would have someone to hang out with while waiting for us to finish seeing GREGG ALLMAN at the Palms!
Tweet Gregg Allman Announces

Yes, we three girls got to see Gregg Allman! He was great and sang all the good ones from the Allman Brothers band, My personal favorites which he saved for last are: One Way Out and Whipping Post! Wow, what a fabulous night that was! We all went home happy humming Sweet Melissa!

Sunday found us up early to go get Christy's nails and my hair done. I went shoulder length short, dark brown with caramel/cinnamon highlights! Big Change for me, I think I will enjoy the shorter hair. After our beauty treatments Tanya showed up to drive us to The Bellagio to see The Year of The Snake exhibit. That is my Chinese Zodiac sign! We wandered around then went next door to show Christy the Cosmo, we sat down in the Chandalier bar and had coffee and chatted, then we all headed home. I made Christy fish tacos for dinner and we wanted to play pool but a cold front came and in and we just couldn't stay out there even with the heaters going!

She flew home Monday morning! What a fun trip that was!


Bead and Needle said...

Thanks for including me in the weekend plans, Chica - I had a FABULOUS time. Gregg Allman ROCKED!!! I am loving the Palms more, with each event we see there - GREAT venue!

Love the new you, Snake Woman...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your hair - it makes you look so much younger - keep it that way!

Glad you had a great weekend with Christy!

Colleen Myler

Mary said...

Sounds like you really did it up big! Glad you had a good weekend and LOVE the hair! See you soon!