Saturday, November 10, 2012

Steve Winwood Concert

I finally got to see my signiture song sung live! Oh, it was a magical night! I have always loved Steve Winwood's voice. I was so happy to see him and he sounded amazing! Plus, we were just about in the front row! Here is my photo of him, I did not have to use zoom:

We started the night at TGIF for dinner, it was me and Charlie, James, Tanya, then we added James's son Brent, then we grabbed Kathy and Howard from Vegas Machine. We all ate 3 plates of nachos, then we added Jack Daniel burgers, I had cajun shrimp pasta which was delicious! After dinner we all split up, Charlie and James headed to the John Pinette show (very funny comedian), Tanya and I headed to the Palms for Steve Winwood.
Loved the show and the night of fun and friends!! It just does not get any better! Well, he did not sing Arc of a Diver, which I really enjoy listening to. We did hear The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. It was amazing! If you want to get into some really good music, you must get your hands on some Blind Faith and Traffic albums, his early stuff with Eric Clapton and many more greats! Music to lose yourself in.

But here is my favorite jukebox song of all time hope you enjoy this acoustic version of Can't Find My Way Home:

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Bead and Needle said...

We picked the same song...must have ben a favorite!!!! You KNOW it is - plus I couldn fit a 13 minute video for Low Spark on my blog! THANK YOU, CHICA, FOR A WONDERFUL EVENING - AGAIN!!!!!