Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Concert book!

I usually make scrapbooks for all my travels and life as I know it. But I was struggling on how to scrapbook my concerts, I see quite a bit more now that I live in Las Vegas. It would have taken many many scrapbooks, I wanted a fast way to keep track of all my shows and music legends I see.
I saw this photo album at JoAnns and decided it would work great! I just made little postcards of each concert, I had most of the ticket stubs for the concerts and they fit right in! This book holds 300 postcards/photos. So I will be able to keep all my shows in one place and look back easily! It had a place for memos but I just put the year for each concert, on the back of each card I wrote my memories. On the cover there was a spot for a photo, I added my favorite music quote: "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks"

I have 61 slots filled, from 16 years old to 47 years old. I did not add some small shows, I mainly stuck to big names. I have seen lots of little vegas shows and lots of tribute bands but did not put them in here. Otherwise it would fill up too fast. This is just for the big stars! I hope to keep filling it each year. I have seen some really good bands and singers!!
Rock on, Jackie