Friday, November 16, 2012

My ramblings on a friday night

Hey, just a post about some things going on...
I have to share this scarf my friend Tanya made me, it is amazing, I can only hope one day I can knit like this:
My cowl scarf by Tanya, lovely!

Rock and Roll bio's!
I am reading all the bio's of rock and roll people I can get my hands on.. it all started with Greg Allmans bio...I am now reading Cyndi Laupers bio and it is amazing....I also read Patti Smith's, which was heart wrenching...Cyndi had a tough go at it as well...ok off to read the second half so I can get on to Neil Young's bio....I am sure it will be fascinating, he has had a disabled child from birth, due to drugs maybe??? hmmm....only the bio will tell! Rock on- but rock on in a clean way people!!! Just cause they legalize it does not mean it is safe!